Hello Friends/Introduction

Hello everyone,

I am Shannon in Kansas City, MO.  I’m an amateur writer that has continuously kept diaries and journals since I was in middle school.  It’s time to join the 21st century and start a blog I suppose.  I want to thank my audience, whomever you are out there.  I am forty years old, never married, no children and under employed with three college degrees.  I am a few 21st century tragic statistics at the same time.

I am a believer in God (Jesus Christ to be specific) and true love.  I believe in striving towards ideals; moral, physical and spiritual.  I believe in struggling to keep your dreams alive and maintain your values.  There’s not much more to life than that.

My interests and hobbies include but are not limited to: fashion, literature, sports, yoga, writing, reality TV, cinema, socializing with friends and socializing in and around the Kansas City metropolitan area.

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