Answered Prayers

I feel guilty about feeling so surprised.  I’m a Christian and Bible teaches that if we ask God for something he will give it to us as a blessing.  We are supposed to believe in and trust the word of God but sometimes I wonder if we truly believe all of what we claim to believe.

No one reads this blog so I could probably confess to a murder and get away with it.  But on the off chance that anyone ever reads this I will not share the details of a struggle that I have been having.  I actually had a few different struggles that I have taken to God in prayer.  You know what.  My prayers were answered.  It’s a pretty amazing thing to have your prayers answered by God almighty.  Why does He listen to me?  Why does He even care?  I have many qualities that I’m pretty proud of but I still don’t think I’m anyone all that special.  This really blows my mind.

My struggles have come from feeling really stuck in a rut lately and I didn’t see a way out.  I saw and still don’t really see a way out of my situation.  I was really despondent about a few things going on in my life.  I talked to God about it in prayer and things changed.  They are small things but they are very meaningful to me and give me a great deal of hope for the future and for my relationship with God.

I’m so glad that I know the Lord.  And I’m so glad that I stepped out on faith and prayed about my situation.  I’m so grateful that I knew to turn to the Lord.  And I’m ashamed that I didn’t have enough faith to believe that I would be blessed and delivered the way I have been.  God is really good.

Hebrews  11:1

Faith is the reality of what we hope for, the proof of what we don’t see.

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