Black Friday

It’s another Black Friday in the U.S.A.  I’ve seen several memes and hash tags on social media encouraging Black Americans to boycott Black Friday this year.  Some of the memes are ridiculous and historically inaccurate in their implications.  But overall I share their point of view.  Black people should not break their necks to throwContinue reading “Black Friday”

There are Some Good People in the World…Really

Last Wednesday afternoon my car tanked on me.  I was running an errand for my job and the car just died as I was turning into the parking lot.  It was very frustrating and embarrassing too.  The car sat in the middle of the street at an angle until two men helped me by pushingContinue reading “There are Some Good People in the World…Really”

We Call Them Street Gangs but They are Really Demonic Cults

Another child has been killed in America’s gang wars.  His name is Tyshawn Lee and he was nine years old.  Men lured him into an alley way and murdered him because the little boy was thought to be a snitch of sorts.  His father is said to have gang ties and he is not cooperating withContinue reading “We Call Them Street Gangs but They are Really Demonic Cults”