There are Some Good People in the World…Really

Last Wednesday afternoon my car tanked on me.  I was running an errand for my job and the car just died as I was turning into the parking lot.  It was very frustrating and embarrassing too.  The car sat in the middle of the street at an angle until two men helped me by pushing my car into a parking spot.  The men helped jump my car even though the engine did not stay on.  The car needed a new alternator.

The first gentleman to arrive on the scene knocked on my window to ask me if I was OK.  He said he was concerned because he saw that my head was down.  I was trying to look up a tow truck company in order to get my car out of the street.  But I’m glad to know that if I was passed out in my driver’s seat like that there are people around that would help me out.  The second gentlemen to help me worked at the sports apparel store in the strip mall.  He took the time out of his work day to investigate the scene and help a woman out.  I’m very grateful to the both of them.  They turned a very frustrating situation into an encouraging one.

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