What Straight Men Can Learn from Lesbians

Last summer I had a job as a waitress at a diner in Mid Town Kansas City.  I served a woman one evening that was eating by herself at the counter.  The young woman was what many would describe as butch.  She was in fact a lesbian.  I know this because the woman propositioned me.  Of all the times I’ve been hit on or flirted with this was my favorite.

I am an absolutely heterosexual woman but I have to admit that lesbian stole a piece of my heart.  I couldn’t imagine dating or having any type of exchange of affection with a woman.  But I was still very flattered by this young woman’s attention.  She was very sweet, sincere and attentive.  She seemed to be interested in my as a person and I could see in her eyes that she was attracted to me.  It all felt genuine.

When men have hit on me in the past and even when I’ve dated a few I could see the wheels turning in their heads.  It was all a game that they were trying to win.  The prize I suppose was sex.  Not my mind, my heart or anything that unique to me.  Just the same old sex which they could get from any willing female participant.

Men can learn a lot from lesbians or at least the one in the diner last summer.  Just relax, be sweet and take an interest in an attractive person.  I want to emphasize that she is a person.  A woman is a person with a heart and mind.  Yes we are complicated but I think that should be intriguing to you, not intimidating.  I was impressed by how brave that young woman was.  She put herself out on a limb knowing that I was most likely straight.  She had no idea how I would react to her asking for my phone number.

There is no gain without risk.  If you really want to find the woman of your dreams you have to risk a little bit of your heart.  Just a little at first.  Extend yourself just enough so a nice woman knows that you are sincere and interested in learning about her likes, dislikes and interests.  Don’t just approach anyone that you think is available.

Wait until you think you’ve crossed paths with someone special.  Your heart is valuable too and it shouldn’t be wasted on just anyone.  Save your heart for someone that is worth the risk.  Believe me, we will know the difference if you are just practicing or have cruel intentions.

So be selective.  Be brave.  Be sweet.  Be sincere.  If you approach women with this in mind I believe you will make a special lady melt.  A lesbian almost did it to me last summer so I’m sure it will work for you.


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