Harper Lee – Shannon in Kansas City

There are many types of people that I admire.  I admire 90s super models, professional athletes, artists, fashion designers and domestic goddesses.  But I admire writers more than anyone else.  Writers work with their mind and the writing instrument of their choice and that is all.  They have the ability to use the resource of their mind toContinue reading “Harper Lee – Shannon in Kansas City”

False Ideals – Shannon in Kansas City

We are taught to love, uphold and strive for ideals.  The media and the culture at large teach us about ideal beauty.  We should all want to be thin, young, have long hair and be White, or at least the Whitest version of what your ethnic group can provide if you are a non White person.  We are toldContinue reading “False Ideals – Shannon in Kansas City”

Perks of Being a Christian – Shannon in Kansas City

I am so grateful to know Jesus Christ and to have access to his word.  The Bible has opened my eyes to the will of God and the plans God has for my life and thereafter.  Christians are promised redemption for their sins and an eternity spent with our father in heaven.  But there areContinue reading “Perks of Being a Christian – Shannon in Kansas City”

#bodypositivity – Shannon in Kansas City

    #bodyposi is a popular social media hash tag which encourages women to be comfortable with and love their bodies.  The hash tag is often accompanied by a photograph of a nearly naked young woman.  I am completely in favor of women feeling good about themselves regardless of their body shape, height or ethnicContinue reading “#bodypositivity – Shannon in Kansas City”