Sugar Diary – Shannon in Kansas City

When I was a child growing up outside of Detroit I existed on a steady diet of sugar.  In the Detroit area we have a local brand of pop called Faygo and I drank a liter of it a day.  Red Pop and Rock and Rye were my favorites.  I remember walking to the drugContinue reading “Sugar Diary – Shannon in Kansas City”

Unsung Heroes – Shannon in Kansas City

There are many heroes among us.  People that say that children have no one to look up to in this age are probably teaching their children the wrong values.  The heroes that I speak of are not the type of people that will be written about in history books, put on magazine covers or placed on aContinue reading “Unsung Heroes – Shannon in Kansas City”

Hillary Clinton for President – Shannon in Kansas City

I think that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president of the United States.  At least she is who I am supporting in this year’s presidential election.  I think the country is ready for a lady to be in the driver’s seat.  Or at least she will win because the other candidates areContinue reading “Hillary Clinton for President – Shannon in Kansas City”