Hillary Clinton for President – Shannon in Kansas City

I think that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president of the United States.  At least she is who I am supporting in this year’s presidential election.  I think the country is ready for a lady to be in the driver’s seat.  Or at least she will win because the other candidates are too extreme and frankly not convincing in their arguments.

I have always voted as a Democrat.  It’s not that I think that the Democrats are really all that honorable, accomplished or honest but as a working class, unmarried Black woman from the rust belt of the United States they speak to my interests more than the Republican party does.  With that being said none of the Republican candidates stand a chance at winning my vote.

I’ve never identified with the Republican point of view enough to vote for them but this current crop of Republicans is down right frightening.  The Republican front runner would not have even passed my high school speech class.  He probably would not have passed my high school composition class either based on his speech and illogical thought patterns.  His competitors for the Republic nomination are not much better than him.  They bicker back and forth like they are on a 1990s talk show.

The entire bunch of them is whiney, too sensitive and has the maturity of grade school children.  Even if they made valid points while spreading their political message, which they don’t, I couldn’t vote for them based on the way they conduct themselves.  I am not from a particularly affluent background nor do I make a great deal of money now but I have more class and intelligence than any one of the Republican hopefuls for the Presidency of the United States.  That’s pathetic.  I’m a forty one year old waitress for heaven’s sake.

I’m not terribly excited by the Democratic nominees either but they are far superior to what the Republicans managed to scrounge up.  Bernie Sanders is a popular candidate among the hipster crowd.  I like to think of myself as part of the hipster crowd.  I’m well educated, I’m a bit of a starving artist, I enjoy the occasion coffee shop or dive bar and what can I say I’m pretty darn hip.  But I’m not buying what Bernie Sanders is selling.  I’m probably too old to fall for his bribe of free college.

I’ve lived long enough to know that nothing is free; not anything, not ever.  Someone always has to pay.  So if Bernie Sanders wants to make college free who is going to pay for it and what will the trade off be?  Will Americans have to pay 75% income taxes or a federal 50% sales tax?  If a young or not so young person gets a college degree on the governments dime will he or she be required to serve in the military for a time?

I can only speculate because I have heard Bernie Sanders elaborate on how he plans on accomplishing his socialist version of America.  In that way he is much like the Republican front runner who plans on building a wall on the U.S., Mexican boarder and charge Mexico for the expense of building the wall.  I don’t know how he expects to make Mexico pay.

Some Bernie Sanders supporters think that Black Americans  owe Bernie Sanders our vote because he was active in the Civil Rights movement.  I respect what Senator Sanders did in the 1960s but I don’t feel like I owe him anything.  He stood up for what was right which I don’t think makes anyone a hero.  Besides that, there are thousands of Black people that were active in the Civil Rights movement that will be lost to history forever.  I don’t think many people would claim that their sacrifices should make them a presidential candidate.

I’m also very curious about Bernie Sanders position on Israel.  He was raised in a Jewish family but he does not practice that religion.  As a Christian person I am supportive of Israel and I think that America should support Israel as well.  If Bernie Sanders does not support Israel that would be very weird to me.  His family was killed by Nazis in Poland.  If he isn’t supportive of Israel that would make him the Stacey Dash of the Jews.  And I can’t support that.  I’m bothered that he hasn’t been more outspoken on his views on the Israelis Palestinian conflict.

That leaves Hillary Clinton.  Clinton has her critics that say that she is untrustworthy because some of her campaign contributors are Wall Street companies like Goldman Sachs.  I agree that that is suspicious.  Once again nothing is free and those companies will be expecting favors from our new president because nothing is free after all.

There are a lot of people on social media that say Black Americans should not vote for Hillary Clinton because the mass incarcerations of Black men started under the Clinton’s.  I’m not sure if that is true or not but what I want to know is where have these critics been.  Hillary Clinton became first lady in the 1990s.  After that she represented the state of New York in the Senate.  After that she was Secretary of State.  But all these Black activists wait until about two months ago to discuss her husband’s involvement in the unfair treatment that Black men have received from the U.S. justice system.  Where the heck have they been?  Once again, I’m not buying what the Hillary detractors are selling.  Congress makes laws not the president.

So the United States will probably have another history making election this November just like we did in 2008.  I think we are on the verge of electing our first woman for president.  It’s not that we are really all that enthusiastic about electing a woman just like most of the country was not excited about electing a mixed race, Black looking man a president.  We settled on the only candidate available that was not an morally bankrupt fool.  It’s a shame that this is what American politics has come to.

Fortunately, Barak Obama was a great president and he did a lot for all Americans.  I will miss him and his wife terribly.  I may even cry when they leave the White House.  I believe that Hillary will do her best to serve America to the best of her ability.  I believe her ability is great.  As far as her character is concerned, I’m sure she is a little shady.  There’s no way you can be involved in politics as long as she has and not be a little jaded.  But I trust her more than I do any other candidate.  And it will be a bit of poetic justice to watch Donald Trump lose a presidential election to a woman.


4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton for President – Shannon in Kansas City

  1. Hey, sorry I didn’t want to start a fight or anything, just offering my opinion. I see your points, and initially I wanted Hillary to get the vote, but after a bit of researching I’ve realized there is absolutely no substance to what she says.

    Here you have a woman, which is appealing because we’re at this day and age where we deserve our first female President, however this is all for the wrong reasons. You should check out my post on this, I recently made it and it explains it a lot better than me.

    And I also have to point out that I strongly disagree with your point that “He stood up for what was right which I don’t think makes anyone a hero.” I think standing up for what is right is exactly for what makes you a hero, it’s because standing up is an action, and albeit how unpopular it may have been at the time, he still did it, and all for the right reasons.

    He has remained consistent in his views (and you don’t have to agree with all of them of course), but with Hillary, oh no, she was never an activist; it means NOTHING to say something and not do anything.

    Also, with your point “Besides that, there are thousands of Black people that were active in the Civil Rights movement that will be lost to history forever.” That is absolutely true, and I commend them for their courage and efforts. However, Bernie was a white male, and that makes that extremely more interesting, because that was the demographic these Black people were fighting for their rights again.

    Look all I ask of you, is to consider the facts more, because Hillary is somebody that consistently lies, and you don’t want somebody that changes her mind for popular opinion to be president. You want the one that sticks to their morals, somebody that is willing to go against the crowd for what is right.

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    1. I’m not sure Bernie Sanders is really telling the truth either. I haven’t heard any detailed plans on how he plans on making college free for U.S. citizens. We have public schools now that don’t function as they should and I think that should be a priority. If something seems to good to be true it probably is.

      I respect Bernie Sanders’ opinions and accomplishments but I am not one to pat a person on the back for being a decent human being. That’s what we are supposed to be.

      I really appreciate you reading my post and commenting. And I will continue to read about the candidates.

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      1. Fair point raised, my brother also raised it. Sanders might just be better at concealing lies, who knows? Well at least we both agree Trump should definitely not be voted. Thanks for replying!

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      2. Sanders is very vague in his explanations and plans. Hillary probably is shady but I don’t think anyone can be in politics as she has and not be a little dirty. Sanders may have a longer career than her or Bill. But if he is the Democratic nominee I will vote for Sanders. I also agree that Trump is bad news.

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