Sugar Diary – Shannon in Kansas City

When I was a child growing up outside of Detroit I existed on a steady diet of sugar.  In the Detroit area we have a local brand of pop called Faygo and I drank a liter of it a day.  Red Pop and Rock and Rye were my favorites.  I remember walking to the drug stores and gas stations and buying candy, pop sickles, ice cream and snack cakes as treats.  My mom was a single parent and didn’t have time to cook so McDonald’s, Burger King and the like often provided dinner.  There were no parental restrictions on my diet.  It was a lovely childhood.

Over the last few years I have cut back on the sugar in my diet.  I haven’t imposed a prohibition of sugar on myself but I’ve definitely made changes to reduce how much sugar I consume.  I’ve read many articles about the harm that sugar does to the human body over time and I want to be youthful and healthy for as long as possible.  I’ve also found that if you are trying to be thrifty sugary snacks and drinks are easy items to eliminate from your shopping list.

I think the easiest way to reduce the sugar you consume is to reduce the amount of pop you drink.  I think of pop as liquid candy and I don’t want to eat candy with every meal nor do I want to graze on candy all day the way people sip on pop all day.  When I eat in restaurants I usually order water because I only want a sip of pop but most restaurants serve large glasses with free refill for about $2.50.  To me that’s a fairly expensive indulgence so I just skip it.  Plus I don’t want the “free” refill.

I can’t say that I feel or look much different now that I’ve cut back on sugar in my diet.  The only way I can tell a difference at all is when I eat something sweet like a piece of cake but now the taste of sugar is overwhelming.  I will still enjoy the piece of cake but the confection is almost too sweet and it leaves behind a strand after taste.  I’ve lost my child hood sweet tooth.  There is the result of abstaining from copious amounts of sugar.

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