This writer has a great perspective.

When I told my friends that the History Channel was doing a remake of Alex Haley’s Roots (premiering on Monday, May 30), I heard a lot of groans. “Do we really need another film about slavery?” my friends said. In a word: yes. 40 years since Roots debuted, most of my students have never seen… viaContinue reading “This writer has a great perspective.”

Happy Birthday Cam Newton – Shannon in Kansas City

Yesterday was Cam Newton’s 27th birthday.  Glory be to God for that marvelous creation.  I hope he enjoyed a great birthday.  I absolutely love that man and I would probably marry him if given the chance.  He is incredibly handsome, sweet natured, big hearted, outgoing, friendly and prosperous.  God Bless him. This may sound a bit strangeContinue reading “Happy Birthday Cam Newton – Shannon in Kansas City”

Happy Mother’s Day – Shannon in Kansas City

Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous moms out there.  I respect and admire your capacity to love and your devotion.  I know that there are exceptions but I am going to take a minute to focus what’s positive and typical.  Everyone loves their mom.  If you win an Oscar you thank your mom, ifContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day – Shannon in Kansas City”