Proposition L

This November voters in the Kansas City area will be asked to decide whether a small tax increase should be implemented in order to improve the Mid Continent Public Library system.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t think twice about a measure such as this one.  I always vote in favor of improvements to schools, mass transit, parks… Continue reading Proposition L

How Tithing Shaped My Views on Money

About ten years ago I decided to get serious about my Christian beliefs.  I wanted to be obedient to the word of God and stop picking and choosing the scriptures I would adhere to.  I wanted to submit myself to God and stop be a disciplined Christian.  I decided to fully commit to tithing %10 of my… Continue reading How Tithing Shaped My Views on Money

Investment is Better Than Charity

Bill and Melinda Gates are spending their fortune to eradicate hunger and deadly diseases. George Soros is devoting hundreds of millions of dollars to building open and democratic societies. Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim wants people to learn—how to lay bricks, prepare a cocktail, appreciate European art or any of a myriad other skills and subjects… via… Continue reading Investment is Better Than Charity

A remarkable, little-seen African film on the aspirations of a black girl still resonates 50 years later — Quartz

Fifty years ago, Ousmane Sembène released his feature debut Black Girl. The writer and director uses a newly independent Senegal, hungry for political and social alternatives, as the backdrop for the widely acclaimed film. It’s through the film’s main character, Diouana (played by Mbissine Thérèse Diop), that Sembène makes a powerful argument about Senegal’s independence… via… Continue reading A remarkable, little-seen African film on the aspirations of a black girl still resonates 50 years later — Quartz

#nomakeup – Shannon in Kansas City

There’s a new feminist movement sweeping social media.  It’s called the #nomakeup movement.  The #nomakeup movement encourages women to not wear make up.  I’m not exactly sure why we shouldn’t wear make up anymore.  I think it’s because Alicia Keys doesn’t want to wear it.  She says that she wants to challenge beauty standards and she… Continue reading #nomakeup – Shannon in Kansas City

LOVE This!!

At Zócalo Public Square, Irina Dumitrescu argues against the notion that a liberal arts education is a luxury, sharing stories of political prisoners whose knowledge of languages and poetry proved crucial to their survival. via The Humanities Are Not “Frivolous” — Discover