Stories from the W Files

Night and day women and men across the world bravely serve the general public and suffer in order to make an honest living.  They meet people from every walk of life and every interaction is a story.  Some of the stories, like the individuals they meet are sweet, others are angering and some are just plain weird.  This is one of those stories.  This is a story from the W files.

I work at a Mexican restaurant that offers a Create Your Own Combo meal.  You get to choose two, three or four items from a specific list of dishes.  I served a table today and a woman asked for the Combo Two.  She said she wanted fish tacos and a bowl of soup.  I asked her if she meant the combo three.  She got frustrated and said she wanted the Combo Two.  I said, “OK, so you want one taco and a bowl of soup?”  She snottily replied, “Yeah whatever this is and pointed to the words fish taco on the menu.”

This customer had a Midwestern American accent which implies that she is a native English speaker.  She was an adult so I assume she completed her compulsory education.  But she didn’t seem to understand that an s on the end of a noun typically makes it plural which means more than one.  If you want more than one taco plus a bowl of soup I can not charge you for two items when you at least want three items. DUUUUUH!  Elementary school grammar was confusing for this woman.  Or perhaps pre school level math was her problem.  I’m unsure but the matter was resolved through my patience, diligence and customer service skills.  I’m a soldier.

The moral of this story is that grammar matters and words have meaning.  Grammar gives sentences meaning and makes language easier to understand.  Numbers also have meaning.  You can’t just say whatever the heck you want and expect someone that doesn’t know you from a hole in the ground to understand what you mean.  And please don’t talk down to the person that you confused with your ignorance as if there is something wrong with them because they don’t understand your personal version of the English language.  Apply some thought and critical thinking skills to your words and take responsibility for your communication skills.

Furthermore, attitude matters.  Everyone that has ever worked a customer service related job has stories about irritating and confused customers.  I really don’t mind giving a customer a extra attention.  It’s my job.  Heck, sometimes I need extra attention.  If the woman was not so snotty and arrogant there would not have been a real problem.  Mean, stupid and arrogant is a bad combination.

This has been a story from the W files.




Why I Love Gabby Douglas

Simone Biles is the gymnastics star of the 2016 Olympics.  She performed beautifully and is as cute as she can be.  The story of her road to Rio is an inspiring American dream that will bring tears to your eyes.  Simone deserves to be the belle of the ball.  But I absolutely love Gabby Douglas.  She is a mature champion that has represented our country well.

During the Olympic trials I could tell that Gabrielle had changed since the London Olympics.  She has matured and become a young woman as opposed to the bubbly, eager girl we met in 2012.  Gabby Douglas is reserved, poised and focused.  She carries herself like a sophisticated lady that is in Brazil to win medals, not entertain or be anyone’s pet.

Gabby Douglas is a refreshing change from many of the young women that are paraded in front of us and lauded as celebrities.  She is not a young woman that is on TV or in magazines for the purpose of arouse men.  She is not there to be funny or cute.  She is there to win.

There is something a little steely about Gabrielle Douglas this go round.  But I love it.  I see the same character in Russia’s Aliya Mustafina.  Aliya competed in the London Olympics and has probably completed her gymnastics career.  She and Gabby are not little little girls any more.  They are veteran champions with youthful, beautiful stalwart exteriors.  God bless them.

It seems that Gabby Douglas has been criticized during the Rio Olympics.  I don’t take Twitter jabs very seriously because I know that people will complain and find fault in anything.  The criticism of Gabby Douglas is rooted in sexism and racism.  American culture wants Black women to be clowns on some level.  Attractive young women are asked to be bimbos.  Black Americans prefer to put light skinned women with European features on a pedestal.  Gabby Douglas is none of that but still successful and there are some that hate it.

All I can say is watch out Simone Biles.  Today you are America’s sweetheart.  Enjoy it because you deserve it all the spoils of victory.  But I hope the fickle American public will be kind to you when you when you compete in Tokyo in 2020.


Here it comes.  Yet another blog posting that has been inspired by my hero and celebrity crush Cam Newton.  Those of you that follow Cam’s career know that he is a controversial figure for reasons that are beyond me.  Much of America dislikes Cameron.  He’s too cocky and loud and confident and flashy I suppose.  I love all of that about him.

At the end of last year’s football season some fans were up in arms that Cam had the nerve to leave a press conference after his team was defeated in the Super Bowl.  He was labeled disrespectful, rude, unprofessional and childish.  The PR team for the Carolina Panthers is surely using the off season to make Cam Newton more likeable to more NFL fans.  To be blunt they want him to be more likeable to White people.

The other day I ran across an article titled “Cam Newton is 27 but a 5-year-old in His Heart”.  I was instantly offended by this headline.  Cam Newton had a great season last year, went to the Super Bowl, was a Heisman Trophy winner, a number one draft pick and he’s a college graduate.  Cam is philanthropist, a TV personality and a fashion trend setter.  All of those are great accomplishments but a sports writer decided to compare him to a young child because he has an outgoing, playful personality.  I don’t understand why he can’t just be an adult with a youthful, loving spirit.  The article either intentionally or inadvertently presents Cameron as child like in order to make him unthreatening.

The headline was actually a quote from one of Cam’s team mates.  He probably didn’t mean anything demeaning by it and the reporter probably didn’t either.  But it’s a shame to me that in America Black men need to be made into some sort of clown in order to be liked by White people.  I don’t think that Black men should even seek to be liked or accepted by America.  They should seek respect and I believe that Cam deserves that.  He doesn’t deserve to be looked at as an overgrown child.

America has a very difficult time respecting it’s Black citizens.  Pro White racism is not built on the accomplishments of Whites but the degradation of non Whites, particularly Blacks.  Even when Blacks are accomplished there is a tendency for racists to try and tarnish their character or at least ignore their contributions and talents.  This is how White racism is kept alive.  ESPN should be ashamed of themselves for posting that article.  You would think a sports media company would have more respect for an athlete like Cam Newton.

NFL: Carolina Panthers-Training Camp
Jul 28, 2016; Spartanburg, SC, USA; Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) passes the ball during the training camp at Wofford College. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports





#churchflow is a popular hashtag on Instagram that features users in their Sunday best.  This is a post about fashion not about faith.


left to right:

This is a selfie in my basement.  I’m wearing a J. Crew black sheath dress with Calvin Klein platform high heeled sandals and a Roberto Cavalli scarf.  I bought the dress and scarf last year.  I believe I bought the shoes in 2014.  The dress was around $50.   Shoes were around $60.  I’m unsure of how much I paid for the scarf but I think it may have been about $40.  I was working at the store where I purchased it so I got an employee discount on top of a sale price.  It was a killer deal.

The center is a close up of the items I wore in the selfie on the left.

The right is a dress I bought in Spring of 2016 from New York and Company.  It is a part of the Eva Mendes collection.