Derrick Rose’s Problems

I like Derrick Rose.  Not as much as I like Lebron.  I don’t have a crush on him at all.  And I’m not even a Chicago Bulls or New York Knicks fan.  I just like Derrick Rose.  He seems like a super cool guy to me.  He’s the type of cool that only a Black man can be.  That type of cool is often replicated but never quite duplicated.  He seems like the type of guy your cousin would bring to a family cook out and everyone instantly liked him.  If she stopped bringing him around everyone would ask “Whatever happened to your guy that you brought to the cook out?” for years to come.

He’s a Chicago neighborhood that grew up on the rough side of town and became the pride of the old neighborhood.  Derrick Rose always seemed natural and down to Earth to me.  He was just a simple Chicago boy turned basketball star; no more or less.

Derrick’s career seemed promising at the start but he suffered injury after injury.  Some of the injuries caused him to sit out entire or part of more than one season.  Poor Derrick Rose couldn’t get a break.  There was a time when I thought Rose my be the unluckiest man on the planet.  I felt bad for him and I wanted to see him come back and play well.

Rose was recently traded to the New York Knicks and I thought his career may have a chance to rebound.  But rape accusations from a former lover made him headline news for something other than his performance as an athlete.  I am terribly disappointed in Rose.

There is no real way for him to ever recover from this incident.  The parts of the story that are agreed upon by both parties make Derrick Rose look like complete garbage.  He claims that he thought he had consent to have sex with the woman because she sent him a text message.  I don’t remember what the text said but it did not say come over here and have sex with me.  It was something to the affect of “Sure, come by for a visit”.  And somehow Rose took that to mean that sex was a sure thing.  My advice for all men is to get verbal, objective confirmation of consent before having sex with a woman.

Rose and the woman accusing him of rape were not the only people involved in this sordid tale.  Two of Rose’s friends were in on the act too.  So superstar Rose and two of his flunkies went to this woman’s house with the intentions of all three of them having sex with her.  I didn’t think that was real.  Who does that xxxx?  Evidently Derrick Rose and his flunkies do.

Where’s the romance, intimacy, friendship, flirtation or sex appeal?  That is just trash!  One would think that Derrick Rose would have enough romantic offers that he wouldn’t need to share women.  His buddies may not get the attention that Derrick does but surely they could develop enough of a personality so they would have to split a bit of sex three ways.  Come on guys have some standards.  Where is your pride?

Derrick won his court case and he doesn’t have to pay his accuser the boat load of money she was demanding.  But his character and career are tarnished in my eyes.  When it comes to situations like this I figure you may not exactly be guilty of what you’re being accused of but you probably did something you had no business doing.

I will never see Rose as the super cool guy from Chicago who’s talent and dedication to his sport earned him fame and fortune.  From now on I will see him as a sexual deviant that despite being a grown man does not understand what it is to get consent from a woman for sex.  Now he’s just blechkk!  This latest trial of Derrick Rose makes me wonder if foolishness is the cause of his problems.  You blew it Derrick.




2 thoughts on “Derrick Rose’s Problems

  1. While it’s your prerogative to feel how you feel about anyone for any reason, it’s unfair given the evidence of the case

    “Consent” is a very difficult thing to prove or disprove, unless the evidence is clear one way or the other. There is no universally accepted definition of what consent is. In your article you mention there was no text saying come have sex with me. However even if there were, there’s enough loopholes there and the term is liquid enough that it can still be said that later sex wasn’t consensual – just because she wanted it an hour ago doesn’t mean she wanted it when it happened. Which is why the accusers team focused on claiming she was drunk/drugged so that consent can be presumed absent due to that

    From the testimonies, the group of them were having sex prior to Rose’s friends going over to the plaintiffs home. From the text messages, the plaintiff originally WENT to Rose’s house TO have sex (Brought a sex toy, Ecstacy, and a friend to participate in group sex). There’s a text message from Plaintiff to Rose showing she was angry because Rose DIDN’T want to have sex with her friend and she questions why he had her bring the woman if he didn’t want her. The transcripts later show that the plaintiff kept begging Rose to come over WITH his friends which is something Rose originally declined afew times (He preferred her coming back to his place, btu she insisted he come there with his friends)

    Given it was already stated they were having sex at Rose’s house you can see how muddled this all is and why it’s unfair to presume Rose did anything wrong. I can understand being disgusted by the idea of group sex but I’d never judge anyone for their preferences so long as it’s safe and healthy. Keep in mind that while originally the plaintiff called their relationship romantic and that she was his girlfriend for a while, Rose’s lawyers got her to later retract those statements and reveal that their relationship was strictly sexual, and that she never even attended any of his games or supported him in any way (They also got her to admit she continously lied to him to get her to give her money – the whole sex belt thing? She was given it as a gift, but told Rose she bought it for them and asked to be reimbursed. She also asked for $200 for her friends cab fare, which was only actually about $20, and her friend later testified that she was never told anyone would be paying for her cab nor did she need them to)

    A friend of the plaintiff later testified that she told her that she had sex with the men and when asked if she was raped she flat out said no. She mentioned that the plaintiff told her that the thing that bothered her was that Rose wasn’t JEALOUS the other men had her. This was testified in court

    While Rose may be into some weird things sexually, that’s not really our place to judge. If the details of your sexual kinks and history were publicly available, would it be squeaky clean? And by whose standards?

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    1. Rose thought that he had consent because the woman texted him earlier in the day saying she was horny. He also thought that he had consent because he and the woman had been lovers in the past. That is a very weak defense especially since alcohol was involved. The matter of consent in rape trials can be confusing. But I believe that many men take advantage of the confusion. I think some men like to leave consent as gray as possible. Men should do more to protect themselves and ask a woman a simple yes or no question. Do you want to have intercourse? If she even hesitates it’s probably a good idea to back off. That’s the advice I would give my son if I had one. This woman doesn’t seem to be a person of stellar character. I find it peculiar that she sued him in civil court for a large sum of money instead of criminally. But you know what, Derrick picked her. A man like Rose could be married to the most wholesome woman in Chicago. But obviously that’s not what he wants. When you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas. He gets no sympathy from me.


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