Director Jeferson De debuts his film “Correndo atrás” at Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles; with cast made up of almost all blacks actors, movie details the difficulty of being a poor, black man in Brazilian society

Black Brazil Today


Note from BW of Brazil: Of course by now, everyone knows about the blockbuster American film with the nearly all-black cast that’s breaking all sorts of box office records. I’m of course talking about the Marvel Disney film Black Panther, which was released as Pantera Negra a little less than a month ago.The film has been an instant smash in he United States, Brazil and around the world, but what else should be expected? The film’s budget was $200 million and it’s part of the hugely successful Marvel Comics superhero film brand.

Although films with a majority black cast are actually quite common in American film history, it’s still somewhat of a rarity in Brazil.But one film I am really looking forward to seeing debuted at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles just a few weeks ago, actually just about a week before Black…

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