The Mainstreaming of Urban Culture

Today I was browsing and I ran across a pair of gold toned, chunky, bamboo earrings.  I was kind of floored to see them.  I remember that style of earring being popular in the late 80s and early 90s.  Big, bold, gold hoops were once only popular among Black and Hispanic women in urbanContinue reading “The Mainstreaming of Urban Culture”

School Bus Driver Admits to Judge He Raped a Girl, Yet Gets No Prison Sentence — 93.1 WZAK

WATERTOWN, New York – A former Watertown school bus driver who admitted to raping a 14-year-old girl who was on his bus route was sentenced Thursday. Shane Piche, 25, was sentenced to 10 years probation. He will also have to register as a sex offender. According to the Watertown Daily Times, the judge noted PicheContinue reading “School Bus Driver Admits to Judge He Raped a Girl, Yet Gets No Prison Sentence — 93.1 WZAK”

10-Year-Old Bullied Over Colostomy Bag Commits Suicide — 93.1 WZAK

10-Year-Old Seven Bridges allegedly committed suicide because of the relentless bullying over his colostomy bag, according to reports. His mother said she returned from the grocery store Saturday morning and found the fifth-grader had hanged himself in their Kentucky home, news station WHAS reports. “I saw my son dead,” his mom, Tami Charles, told theContinue reading “10-Year-Old Bullied Over Colostomy Bag Commits Suicide — 93.1 WZAK”

Ninth-Grader Commits Suicide After He Was Bullied for Being Gay — 93.1 WZAK

An Alabama teen, 15-year-old son Nigel Shelby tragically took his own life after he became the victim of constant homophobic bullying. His mother, Camika Shelby, says she’s still “shocked.” “He was just special,” Camika told NBC News after his death on Thursday. “Nigel was the sweetest child. He was so outgoing. He was always full of…Continue reading “Ninth-Grader Commits Suicide After He Was Bullied for Being Gay — 93.1 WZAK”

Head Trips and Mind Games

I enjoy social media because you learn the truth about people. Often times the truth is not pretty but it is the truth and there is always value in that.  I’ve run across social media outlets that are geared towards men.  The most common topic in these male spaces is women.  They talk about theirContinue reading “Head Trips and Mind Games”

The O’Jays Slay New Music on ‘The Today Show’ — 93.1 WZAK

R&B royalty, Cleveland’s own legendary O’Jays has gone 15 years without a new album are still in high demand and still selling out concerts. Never skipping a beat vocally or physically the O’Jays felt it was time to give the people what they want…more of the O’Jays. Today Eddie Levert, Walter Williams and Eric Grant… viaContinue reading “The O’Jays Slay New Music on ‘The Today Show’ — 93.1 WZAK”

Celebrities are Starting to Look the Same

Celebrities are starting to all look the same to me.  I feel like RuPaul and or LaToya Jackson are the standard of beauty that the rest of Hollywood wants to reach. What do you think? I actually could have added a few more people to this composite.