Crazy Rich Asians

I’ve been on a movie kick lately.  I recently watched “Crazy Rich Asians”.  It was great.  I’m not much of a cry baby so I love any movie, book, commercial, sporting event that brings tears to my eyes.  “Crazy Rich Asians” did that.

WARNING:  This brief review contains spoilers!

It’s a very sweet movie and an old fashioned romance.  I love a good romance but Hollywood doesn’t make many of those anymore.  There’s not much to say about the plot because it really is working from Hollywood’s formula for romances.  Honestly, you’ve probably seen a movie like this before.

Man and woman are in love.  Everything is great.  There’s a conflict which threatens to destroy the relationship.  It does.  The woman leaves.  The man realizes he doesn’t want to live without the woman.  He pursues her and stops her before the plane, train, bus takes off.  She looks into his eyes with longing and realizes she doesn’t want to live without him either.  She gets off of the bus, train or plane and runs into his arms.

The end.

There’s not much more to it than that.  If you’ve seen this type of film before and enjoyed it watch “Crazy Rich Asians” if you haven’t already.  Have tissue paper handy.

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