It’s a Man’s World

It’s been obvious to me for a long time now that it’s a man’s world.  I see it.  I feel it.  I’m not really even complaining about it but I just wanted to point it out.  I figure that under the patriarchal system men pay for dates, engagement rings and they are the financial backbone of families and dating relationships so it all comes out in the wash.

I came to that conclusion that it’s a man’s world when I realized that a man without an education beyond high school has a chance of making a decent living but a woman without an education beyond high school is likely to live in poverty.  A man with no education beyond high school can drive a truck and earn at least $50,000 per year.  A woman without a higher education is probably going to end up in a job that pays around $20,000 per year.

Jobs with a large percentage of female personnel usually pay low wages.  Retail, food service and child care are good examples of this.  When men work in female dominated professions they are often in leadership positions that are higher paid.  We’ll never really know but I think that if more men chose elementary education as a career, teaching would be a job that would start $70,000 per year straight out of college with a career track that to having a six figure salary within ten years.  But teaching young children is mostly a woman’s profession so they are under paid, under appreciated and have to fight for respect.

Here is a photo of the leaders at the G20 Summit 2018.  Two of the twenty are women.  If this wasn’t a man’s world there would be more female leadership around the globe.  One of the women at the G20 Summit is a graduate of Oxford and the other has a doctorate in quantum chemistry.  One of the men at the last G20 Summit was an American reality show host who shows no evidence of having an education beyond the eighth grade.

g 20 summit

There are a number of other examples that I can point out to make my case that this is a man’s world.  But if what I’ve already said isn’t enough evidence for you that this is a man’s world take a look at the beauty gurus of today.

top left:  Jeffree Star

bottom left: James Charles

right:  Cohl Woolbright

That’s right.  They’re men.  Due to changing social mores and the redefining of masculinity, femininity and gender men are now the new make up gurus to young women that seek beauty advice on You Tube and other social media outlets.  Imagine a woman looking like any of these three and getting the opportunity to make millions in the cosmetic industry.  It wouldn’t happen.

This would make more sense if these men were pretty like Isis King who is trans.  I’m not sure if that means she had a sex change or not but at least Isis put in some work to look like a feminine woman and a normal human being.  I don’t know much about Jeffree Star, James Charles or Cohl personally but they look like men with several layers of make up on to me.  It’s not cute.  The plainest of all women are more attractive than them.

At least Isis is pretty and has an attractive image.  But these make up influencer men are just disrespectful and making fools out of women and women are loving it.  Their young fans are dumb enough to think they’re being hip and progressive.


None of these men make as much money as Kiley Jenner but she had to get an entirely new face before she could build her make up empire.  The money spent on Kiley’s cosmetic surgery is money well spent because she looks gorgeous.  Gorgeous use to be a requirement to be a cosmetics pitch person.  This is sexism and partriarchy at it’s finest.

kylie jenner

If men are going to be allowed in traditional female spaces, such as the cosmetics industry, women’s sports and beauty pageants what’s left for women?  Women don’t even get respect or treated with much chivalry anymore.  There aren’t a lot of opportunities for women to be in the spotlight in this world.  In a genderless society there will be even fewer.  Everything will be dominated by men because this is a man’s world after all.

miss spain

I’m an old lady now so this young generation of beauty influencers has zero influence on me.  I’m not their target audience and I’m sure all of these men are smart enough to know that.  But young women need to be weary of this gender fluid agenda because it will not benefit you at all.  This isn’t a two way street.

I keep seeing women in the media that want to be the first woman in the NFL.  If a woman ever gets to compete in football at that level she will probably end up permanently damaged or killed. That social experiment will be over with within one play.  I don’t even think a woman could even measure up as a kicker.  I couldn’t even imagine most young women being able to perform under that type of pressure.


Cody Parkey was a champ.  He disappointed the entire city of Chicago and got tore up on social media.  I saw him on the news after that game and he was very poised.  Most women would be on TV crying and I don’t have time for it.

The woman in the picture below is Becca Longo and she aspires to become an NFL kicker.  I don’t know her and I could be wrong but just imagine an attractive, young, White woman doinking the ball and ending the Bears season after they haven’t been relevant since the mid 80s.  What I visualize in my mind is absolutely nauseating and I want no parts of it.

becca longo

It’s up to each generation to make their mark.  Each generation can correct the mistakes of the last generation or compound them.  I think that feminism has it’s accomplishments and there have been benefits to society overall.  It’s never a good thing for potential to be overlooked based on sex, race, economic background, etc.  The mistake that feminism made is that it tells people that there is no difference between male and female.  This is not true and this thought pattern benefits men.

Smarten up girls!  Straight, masculine men have been using feminism to their benefit for decades.  Now feminine men are using feminism and gender neutrality to their benefit and women or at least young girls are hanging on their every word.  It’s embarrassing.  It’s a man’s world and I think it will always be that way.  It’s easier to make the system work for you than work against it.



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