A Dangerous Precedent Has Been Set in America

I’ve read two very disturbing stories this week and both ended with Black men being killed.  In both stories White people were made to feel uncomfortable and they thought that their discomfort was enough of a reason to confront and kill a man.  This precedent has been set by American law enforcement.

We’ve all heard dozens of stories by now where a law enforcement officer opened fire on a citizen and killed them.  The officer’s excuse is often I feared for my life.  They rarely say that they were assaulted in any way.  They claim that they were simply afraid and that was enough of a defense.  Most of these officers avoid jail time and some of them continue careers in law enforcement.

The notion that being fearful is enough of a reason to kill a person has spread to the masses.  Over the Fourth of July weekend in Aurora, CO a White man killed a Black man because of an argument that started when the Black man’s children were outside popping fireworks.  The noise from the fireworks startled the White man’s dog.  He and his fiance confronted the children and their mother and assaulted the mother.  The Black man came out of his apartment and was shot in the chest by the White man.

The couple with the dog brought guns outside to confront a woman and her young children about the noise they were making with fireworks.  They were ready to react with violence because of children celebrating a holiday with noise makers.  They were prepared to harm and kill and they did;  because their dog was afraid.

Man shot to death in dispute with armed couple angry about fireworks on July 4

In Peoria, AZ a 17 year old young Black or perhaps mixed race man stopped into a Circle K gas station last Thursday after work.  He was followed into the gas station that by a 27 year old White man that was made uncomfortable by the rap music he played in his car.  While the 17 year old was at the pop machine the 27 year old came behind him and slit his throat and stabbed him in the back.  The young man stumbled out of the gas station and died in the parking lot.

elijah el amin

The older man claimed that he had been harmed by people that listened to rap music in the past.  He felt the need to be proactive and offensive; because he claimed to be afraid and in fear for his life.  He felt justified because of his fear.


I supposed this is nothing new.  American racism has always been fueled by White fear and White Americans have always used that fear to justify violence against Blacks and others.  But “I feared for my life” has become a platitude over the last decade.  We expect to hear it every time there is a new story of police misconduct or violence.

And this country arrogantly accepts this excuse because White lives matter and Black lives don’t.  I lay the blame for the popularization of this phrase and thought pattern at the feet of American police officers.  I also blame feminism to an extent as well since they can’t tell the difference between social awkwardness that is caused by innocent flirtation and actual sexual harassment and assault.  Most Americans need to grow up.  Adult hood can be scary and uncomfortable.

It’s mind boggling to think that anyone can be so arrogant and have such a sense of superiority to think that their comfort and sense of security is more important than someone else’s physical well being or life.  What kind of mental gymnastics did these people go through in order to see themselves as a victims and valiant protectors as opposed to aggressive, blood thirsty thugs?

I will never understand them but White America needs to be shaken out of it’s self righteousness, perpetual victim hood and violent reactions.  Aggressive behavior masked as fear is a farce.  White America is use to being pandered to and having it’s feeling coddled.  As an American that loves her country I’m here to say –ck your –cking feelings!



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