The Ruffian in Yoga Pants at the Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale

I had the day off on New Year’s Day so I decided to go to the mall and take advantage of some sales.  One of which being the Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale.  I browsed around the store for a while and made my selections.  Then I headed to the register to pay for my things.  So far this is all standard and there isn’t much of a story to tell.  Until I crossed paths with a ruffian in yoga pants.

As I made my way to the register this unkempt woman in yoga pants ran up to the sales counter and cut me off before I got to the register.  I was a bit dismayed by this unladylike behavior.  It was like I was placed in a race to the register without being told.

The aged store clerk was helping Yoga Pants with some sort of customer service issue as I approached the counter.  I don’t know why anyone needs that much help at Bath & Body Works but I digress.  Yoga Pants stupidly left her cell phone next to the register.  I suppose that’s why she made a run for it when she saw me walking towards the front.  She probably thought I was going to steal her phone as opposed to, ya know, make a purchase.  Everything is all about her after all.  I’m unsure of why she just didn’t put the phone in her coat pocket when she walked away.

I’m trying to understand the sense of entitlement of Yoga Pants.  She thought she had dominion over the public space and the store clerk’s focus.  She also talked very loudly while she was being served at the register to some young ladies that she knows and into at the store.  This woman needs a lot of attention.

I stood where I was cut off by Yoga Pants and stared at the group of silly, vapid women while they had their loud, phony, superfluous conversation.  Yoga Pants never made eye contact with me while she took up space and time.

Yoga Pants finally finished her small purchase that she was able to redeem her coupon on and went on her way.  Hopefully she went straight home to get some rest because she looked tired.  After the clerk finished with Yoga Pants she stepped to the side of the counter and had a conversation with a co worker who had her purse and was wearing her coat.  They were talking about scheduling or something.  I’m not sure how long the conversation lasted.

The clerk who is heavily made up and kind of reminded me of Betty Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane finished up chatting with her off duty co worker and then she rang up my items.  At the end she pointed out to me which items were in which bag and then she said in an over the top almost sarcastically sweet tone, “Thank you and have a good day”, with a phony smile plastered on her face.

whatever happened to baby jane

One thing that really irks me is when store clerks are rude or dismissive but they are nice when they are saying good bye.  I’ve had store clerks not greet me or offer to help as I enter the store or as I am browsing but they want to act all sweet as I’m leaving.  Save it!

Thanks for listening to my petty post about a rude, arrogant, self entitled, tired looking suburban thug in yoga pants and an even more worn out looking sales clerk that really didn’t want to be bothered that day, at least not with me.  I found some good sales items though and that’s what matters.  If I decide to participate in the Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale again I’ll go to one in the city.  Further away from such ruffians.


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