Richard Jewell

Last weekend I watched the film “Richard Jewell”. Richard Jewell was a Georgia security guard who happened to be on duty the night a bomb blew up in Centennial Park in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics. Richard Jewell was falsely accused of executing the terrorist attack. “Richard Jewell” is a Clint Eastwood film telling the title character’s story.

Richard Jewell was a thirty three year old man who was fascinated with law and order and police protocol. He studied the law every night and he owned a small arsenal of weapons. Richard had a spotty work his including a termination from a police force and a termination from a university security force where he pulled people over on the road leading to the school where they had no jurisdiction.

There were two casualties due to the terrorist attack at Centennial Park however Richard’s zeal, sharp eye and attention to detail and protocol spared lives. Richard spotted a suspicious package in the crowd and reported it to authorities. He also became the fall guy for the attack.

Richard Jewell

The FBI was under pressure to find a suspect. Richard fit the profile of domestic terrorist due to being a loner with a fascination with weapons and legal matters. His admiration and trust for law enforcement worked against him. He cooperated with the FBI when others would have been defending himself.

Richard was eventually vindicated and cleared of all charges. His lawyer’s secretary was the first to figure out that he was innocent. She simply took a walk from the pay phone where the bomb threat was made to the place the suspicious package was found.

He didn’t have time to make the call and place the package. The FBI and media didn’t investigate that matter until after accusing Richard of being a terrorist. Later a different man confessed to bombing the ’96 Olympics. That man is serving life in prison without parole. Richard Jewell went on to further his law enforcement career and died at forty four of heart failure.

I would recommend this movie. There have been several high profile crimes in the media that seem to go away after they have a suspect in custody. Quite often the suspect is an unfortunate person that fits the profile of a neighborhood creep and they have few resources to defend themselves. They are presented to the public in a terrible mugshot or in a still shot of grainy surveillance video from a gas station and the case is never spoken of again. We can only hope they got the right neighborhood creep.

I remember the ’96 Olympic bombings and oddly enough it popped into my mind shortly before this movie was released. I had done a bit of research and learned about the plight of Richard Jewell so the movie peaked my interest and I looked forward to seeing it. “Richard Jewell” didn’t disappoint. I think you will enjoy it whether you remember the ’96 Olympics or not.

Patriotic Education

Last week Donald Trump signed an executive order to develop a patriotic curriculum to be taught in schools. He says that current curriculum teach a twisted web of lies about racism and that it’s abusive to children. Trump wants to focus on feel good pro American, patriotic history. In other words he wants American education to be pro White.

I would say that I received a patriotic education. I began kindergarten in 1980 in a public school in a suburb of Detroit. While I was an elementary school student we stood for the Pledge of Allegiance and sung a patriotic song with our hands over our hearts every morning. I remained in the same school system until I graduated the local high school in 1993.

I remember being taught in the first grade about the first Thanksgiving and how the Pilgrims and Indians were friends. Half of the class dressed up as Pilgrims the other as Indians. We made our costumes and ate soup that the teacher made for us. I was a Pilgrim.

I am old enough to remember getting a day off from school for Christopher Columbus Day during my elementary school years. We were taught that he discovered America. I don’t remember the indigenous people of America being mentioned at all.

The only Black author I studied in literature classes was Richard Wright. Besides that the other literature we studied came from White authors a few of which had Black characters in their stories such as “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Huck Finn”. There were Black history lessons but I would call them superficial.

After graduating high school I attended a public university and earned a BA in 1997. I earned a BA from a different university in 2003 and I earned an MLA in 2010. None of my schools were HBCUs. I would describe my education as White centered. My textbooks were most likely all written by White scholars with Eurocentric viewpoints. The exception would be the African American history class I took as an undergrad.

But even when you read the history that White people wrote they come across as stubbornly racist, greedy, selfish and savagely violent. In their stories where they think of themselves as the heroes they come across as sociopaths.

You can’t sweeten up American history. There is no way to clean up The Middle Passage. You can’t make The Trail of Tears a feel good story. Manifest Destiny was a White supremacist ideal and that occurred to me in school as I read it at a young age. You can’t explain away the part of the Constitution that stated that Black people were 5/8 of a human being.

You have to act like a lot of American history didn’t happen or you have to fabricate lies in order to make it sound like the US is a racially equitable society. Unfortunately, even current events continue to tell a very unflattering story of America and the way it treats many of its citizens.

I think that Trump’s reasons for pushing a pro American agenda is self serving. I anticipate that Trump and his disciples will not be treated kindly by history. Trump wants to make any discussion of racism more taboo than it already is. The only way they will be seen in a positive light is if criticism of an American president is prohibited. That’s a First Amendment violation.

I don’t resent my patriotic education. It is what it is. White people conquered North America and my ancestors were their prisoners. That’s how things work. The conquerors dictate the history.

Growing up Black in a Eurocentric educational system made me a critical thinker and a bit of a rebel which is what Donnie wants to avoid. It made me question things since I didn’t identify with most of America’s heroes. I believe my White centered education actually affirmed a lot of positive things for me about being Black American. It helped that I didn’t see myself as a part of the cruel American regime.

I think it’s a positive thing to teach children respect and to love their country. I grew up feeling proud to be American even though my race has been subjected to oppression, violence and hatred. There isn’t another country that I can claim.

I believe most Americans grew up with a sense of national pride which is why we are all appalled and heartbroken about the current political climate. I don’t think it’s wrong to raise children with ideals. They can figure out that institutions we look up to are far from perfect. It’s a part of growing up and when you’re grown it’s your turn to try and improve them.

My public education did what a public school education should do. I became literate, learned some basic historical and geographical facts and gained basic math skills. I also learned to research information which is very important. Once a student graduates high school it is up to them to continue seek knowledge and process it critically. If parents instill a child with a sense of self they will learn how it all relates to them and they will develop their own point of view.

Education in America can’t get anymore patriotic and pro White than it has been. The only way to make it more pro White is to omit most of the history and just start lying. Trump’s plan will fail because too much is already documented about this country unless he is planning to burn books and destroy history like in “Fahrenheit 451”. I won’t be surprised if that is the real plan.

Require Respect and Honor: Don’t Be a Handmaiden

Black women deserve to be honored and respected in their relationships with men. Black women deserve commitments from romantic partners. Black women deserve to raise their children in intact families and have responsible and involved fathers for their children. Black women deserve to be invested in financially. But young Black women are being influenced to not require or expect those things.

Yet many Black women are having children for men that have no good intentions towards them. By good intentions I mean traditional marriage. The majority of Black children grow up in single parent homes. Single motherhood has been glamorized and exalted in the Black community but the co parents to these women don’t seem to be very appreciative of their children’s mothers. You don’t have to go very far on social media before you find a man degrading the mother of his child.

What does that sound like to you? To me it sounds like Black women are being treated as handmaidens, mammies, wet nurses, brood mares. I know it’s harsh to hear but it’s up to Black women to stop it. The way they stop it is by accepting no less than respect, honor and commitment.

There are benefits to being a single woman. But there aren’t many benefits to being a single mother aside from escaping an abusive and volatile relationship or a deadbeat that is a liability instead of an asset. Those kind of relationships should be avoided and abandoned whether children are involved or not.

Two parent households provide the children with the best opportunity to thrive. Nuclear families allow women to devote more energy into their children. Marriage also provides protection for women and children. If the marriage is healthy it provides a good model for children to learn about relationships between men and women.

Some will say that marriage is just a piece of paper and that it isn’t necessary for a happy home life. People have been saying that for a generation now but that hasn’t happened. Now that women have been brainwashed by feminism to believe that they don’t need to be respected and honored families are being started haphazardly through hook ups and relationships that never had any stable footing. These relationships have not yielded good results for children, women or men.

There is a large gold digging community on social media that encourages women to “secure the bag”. I’m all for women pursuing men with money but if there is no honor or respect there you are just being a whore. A commitment still needs to be made. Wealthy men marry all the time.

Don’t breed children for unworthy men. Don provide men with an opportunity to be an IG dad. It’s an privilege to be a father and it’s a chance for a man to leave a legacy in the world. Children are also a lot of responsibility. It’s part of a man’s responsibility to establish a nurturing and stable family unit for his children. That is achieved by choosing a wife not choosing a handmaiden.

This is a video I made a while back for my You Tube channel.

Black women should stop allowing themselves to be turned into handmaiden, wet nurses, mammies and brood mares. The only way they are going to achieve this is by accepting nothing less than respect, honor and commitment from men. If you don’t get the respect you want then live your life on your terms instead of compromising with a man that never chose to honor you.

The World Gets More Patriarchal Every Day

The world gets more patriarchal every day. I came to that conclusion while reading the tweets about Andrew Gillum’s appearance on “The Tamron Hall Show”. Andrew Gillum is the former mayor of Tallahassee, FL and he made a unsuccessful run for the governor of Florida. His gubernatorial bid put him in the national limelight and made him a young star in the Democratic party.

Andrew was a part of a scandal that involved him, meth, a male prostitute and a hotel room in Florida. He was discovered in a puddle of his own vomit in the hotel room after partying it up with the prostitute. Andrew is a married man with three young children.

Andrew made an appearance on daytime TV and came out as bisexual. His faithful and supportive wife Jai was by his side. She didn’t share any plans on filing for divorce. She seems determined to stand by her man despite Andrew’s wild weekend. All of that is great and I’m actually happy for Andrew and his family.

Gillum’s scandal never seemed like enough to derail a career to me. As soon as I heard about Andrew’s skeletons I thought of former DC mayor Marion Barry. I have childhood memories of Marion Barry snorting crack on surveillance tape on the evening news.

Marion was reelected as mayor by the people of DC. I suppose if an elected official does a good job their extracarricular activities are no ones business. If I was a resident of Florida and I had to choose between Gillum and the current governor DeSantis I would choose Gillum in a heartbeat.

My problem is not with the Gillums it’s with woke Twitter. They made Andrew Gillum into a hero and sympathetic character because he came out and now he’s “living his truth” according to him. He was living his truth before as a disloyal husband, drug abuser and party animal. The man publicly dishonored and humiliated his wife. I don’t think he deserves any praise or sympathy.

Andrew was forced into making his announcement or perhaps excuse. The woke folks coddled him all day on Twitter with no mention of how his wife must have suffered throughout this ordeal. All they did was praise her for standing by her Black bisexual king. I was disgusted.

Had Andrew cheated on his wife with a female prostitute he would have been dragged on Twitter. But his sympathizers say that he acted out due to being a closeted bisexual man. I don’t think a man of his accomplishments and stature is someone that warrants our concern.

He had a wild weekend and got caught. Being caught with a male prostitute doesn’t make it better and it doesn’t make Andrew Gillum an LGBT civil rights leader. It makes him an unfaithful husband that enjoys drugs. There is no more or less to it.

His wife is a Stepford Wife and political tool. Their marriage is probably a professional arrangement that she enjoys. The Gillum’s appearance on “The Tamron Hall Show” seemed practiced. I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew what questions Tamron would ask even though Mrs. Gillum’s answered square danced around them.

But nonetheless she is a human shield who is protecting her husband from further public scrutiny and a divorce. The person who should have made the appearance with Andrew on daytime TV was the prostitute and the drug dealer. Jai Gillum has done nothing wrong and she doesn’t deserve to be dragged into her husband’s scandal and he doesn’t deserve having her stand up for him. It doesn’t matter to me if she entered into a political, showbiz marriage or not.

Those that are feminists and support the LGBT community hold the most patriarchal views. They focus on what benefits men and they think that honoring women and commitments like marriage are outdated and hurtful to women. Women need to prioritize their needs and desires and make a stand for respect and accept nothing less.