The World Gets More Patriarchal Every Day

The world gets more patriarchal every day. I came to that conclusion while reading the tweets about Andrew Gillum’s appearance on “The Tamron Hall Show”. Andrew Gillum is the former mayor of Tallahassee, FL and he made a unsuccessful run for the governor of Florida. His gubernatorial bid put him in the national limelight and made him a young star in the Democratic party.

Andrew was a part of a scandal that involved him, meth, a male prostitute and a hotel room in Florida. He was discovered in a puddle of his own vomit in the hotel room after partying it up with the prostitute. Andrew is a married man with three young children.

Andrew made an appearance on daytime TV and came out as bisexual. His faithful and supportive wife Jai was by his side. She didn’t share any plans on filing for divorce. She seems determined to stand by her man despite Andrew’s wild weekend. All of that is great and I’m actually happy for Andrew and his family.

Gillum’s scandal never seemed like enough to derail a career to me. As soon as I heard about Andrew’s skeletons I thought of former DC mayor Marion Barry. I have childhood memories of Marion Barry snorting crack on surveillance tape on the evening news.

Marion was reelected as mayor by the people of DC. I suppose if an elected official does a good job their extracarricular activities are no ones business. If I was a resident of Florida and I had to choose between Gillum and the current governor DeSantis I would choose Gillum in a heartbeat.

My problem is not with the Gillums it’s with woke Twitter. They made Andrew Gillum into a hero and sympathetic character because he came out and now he’s “living his truth” according to him. He was living his truth before as a disloyal husband, drug abuser and party animal. The man publicly dishonored and humiliated his wife. I don’t think he deserves any praise or sympathy.

Andrew was forced into making his announcement or perhaps excuse. The woke folks coddled him all day on Twitter with no mention of how his wife must have suffered throughout this ordeal. All they did was praise her for standing by her Black bisexual king. I was disgusted.

Had Andrew cheated on his wife with a female prostitute he would have been dragged on Twitter. But his sympathizers say that he acted out due to being a closeted bisexual man. I don’t think a man of his accomplishments and stature is someone that warrants our concern.

He had a wild weekend and got caught. Being caught with a male prostitute doesn’t make it better and it doesn’t make Andrew Gillum an LGBT civil rights leader. It makes him an unfaithful husband that enjoys drugs. There is no more or less to it.

His wife is a Stepford Wife and political tool. Their marriage is probably a professional arrangement that she enjoys. The Gillum’s appearance on “The Tamron Hall Show” seemed practiced. I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew what questions Tamron would ask even though Mrs. Gillum’s answered square danced around them.

But nonetheless she is a human shield who is protecting her husband from further public scrutiny and a divorce. The person who should have made the appearance with Andrew on daytime TV was the prostitute and the drug dealer. Jai Gillum has done nothing wrong and she doesn’t deserve to be dragged into her husband’s scandal and he doesn’t deserve having her stand up for him. It doesn’t matter to me if she entered into a political, showbiz marriage or not.

Those that are feminists and support the LGBT community hold the most patriarchal views. They focus on what benefits men and they think that honoring women and commitments like marriage are outdated and hurtful to women. Women need to prioritize their needs and desires and make a stand for respect and accept nothing less.

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