RIP Queen: The Death of Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA 2019

It was reported over the weekend that Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst jumped sixty stories to her death from a NYC sky scraper. I am still shocked and dismayed by this grim and disheartening news. I’ve never had a death of a high profile person affect me in such a way. Cheslie was living the dream. She lived in a luxury high rise in NYC, had a glamorous job, was highly accomplished, beautiful and young. Cheslie died at thirty but I’m old enough now that thirty is young.

I did not know Cheslie personally. I’m merely a pageant fan an an admirer. She was an attorney at the time she was crowned Miss USA 2019. She was very fit. I thought she was a great role model for young ladies. I appreciate the soft power of femininity that she and other pageant contestants represent. I think the world needs more of that.

I wish I could have helped her. I wish I knew what was wrong. I have no basis for understanding of a decision to jump to your death from a luxury high rise apartment. This is very hurtful and confusing. I hope Cheslie’s soul is at rest now. It’s unfortunate that she was unable to find peace and fulfillment in her life despite all of her blessings. Her presence will be missed.

I am not a counselor or mental health expert in any form. I’m a person who is trying to make sense of this tragedy as are so many others. I’ve faced discouragement in my life but I’ve never been in such despair that I’ve considered ending my life. I don’t think I’ve experienced such torment.

Here is my advice. I’m not educated as a mental health professional. I encourage anyone to seek help they need through professional mental health services. There is nothing wrong with taking psychiatric medicine if that’s what you need or seeking advice from a therapist. I also encourage people to have a healthy outlet for their feelings. For me writing has been a great way for me to process emotions and to sort out matters in my life.

I strongly encourage everyone to strengthen their spirit and soul with prayer and studying the BIble. Life is very hard for everyone, even promising young women that seem to it all. The world wears everyone down. It’s designed to grind down our spirit.

I’ve always found hope and strength in the Lord. The Bible is one of the few sources of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement in these modern times. When I reflect on my life I know that Jesus Christ helped and guided me through difficult situations and times. He’s always made a way and helped me to make good decisions. I encourage young (or not so young) people to feed their soul and protect themselves by choosing to follow Jesus Christ.

Disclaimer: This is not a judgement against Cheslie in any way. I do not know anything about her spiritual walk. I’m also aware of pastors that have taken their own lives. There are no absolute answers. This is advice to everyone that reads this based on my personal experience in life. We are ignoring our souls and spirits far too much in these modern times. I believe that Christ is the way to feed your spirit, heart and soul.

If you find this post to be offensive please understand that it comes from a place of concern for humanity.

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