A Little About Me

I’m a forty four year old spinster that lives in Kansas City, MO with my mom.  I love to socialize and go out on the town but I don’t get to do that as often as I would like because I work about sixty hours a week.  I am an administrative assistant and part time librarian.  I love to read and watch sports.  I’m a social media junkie and reality TV historian.  My interests include spirituality (Christian), travel and fashion.

My method:  I just write my thoughts.  I publish first drafts without proofreading because I’m reckless like that.  Sometimes I correct a post after it’s published.  I don’t do much research.  If you see a grammatical error forgive me.  I mostly deal with opinions on this blog so I can’t make many factual errors but if I happen to make one forgive that also.

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