Meaningless Observation: Derelict Buildings in 90s Music Videos

I noticed a theme in a few 1990s music videos.  Derelict buildings were used as the back drop for a lot of the videos of the time.  I researched my theory and I realized that the  musical group Prodigy is responsible for a lot of that imagery.  It looks like all of their videos wereContinue reading “Meaningless Observation: Derelict Buildings in 90s Music Videos”

The Feminist Nonsense Continues: Lizzo at the Lakers Game

I’m not even sure where to start with this.  In case you haven’t heard I’ll recap the insanity.  Pop star Lizzo went to a Lakers game in a loose T shirt dress with a cut out at the behind which exposed her bare cheeks and black thong.  During the game Lizzo was put on theContinue reading “The Feminist Nonsense Continues: Lizzo at the Lakers Game”

Shannon’s Christmas Playlist

It’s Christmas music season and here is a short playlist with a few of my favorite songs.  Have a happy holiday season and enjoy the music.   I love Stevie Wonder’s voice and this is song has a very sweet sentiment.   This song has become a classic.  I remember when it was new.  IContinue reading “Shannon’s Christmas Playlist”

More Feminist Confusion

The feminists are at it again.  These people are harder to understand than calculus.  Music producer Jermaine Dupri made a comment that most female rappers today make songs about the stripper life.  Social media feminists got upset for some reason and somehow Jermaine Dupri has become a prudish hypocrite in their minds even though theirContinue reading “More Feminist Confusion”


Chris Brown shot his mouth off in a recently released new track and it’s got the Black gossip blogs on You Tube in a tizzy.  He said something to the affect of he only has sex with Black women with nice hair.  How sweet.  Lucky them.  That song lyric has started a poop storm.  I’mContinue reading “#teambreezy/Confessions”

90s Songs Based on Mental Illness and Depression

  The passing of Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys made me think of the hip hop classic “My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me”.  I began to ponder if other 90s tunes were based on psychotic episodes.  I came up with a short list.  The list is random and not ranked. Geto Boys, MyContinue reading “90s Songs Based on Mental Illness and Depression”

Bushwick Bill

I’m writing to pay my respects to Houston rapper Bushwick Bill.  He was truly a unique and talented individual.  None of us will ever see anything like him again.  He was charming, eloquent and very short.  He was a dwarf and didn’t stand four feet tall.  Bill and his bandmates from the Geto Boys wereContinue reading “Bushwick Bill”