Spring Book Review: A Black Women’s History of the United States

I recently finished “A Black Women’s History of the United States” by Kalie Nicole Gross and Daina Ramey Berry. I recommend the book and found it to be very interesting. The authors did a good job of presenting information beyond commonly taught lessons about Black American history.

The book spans pre colonial America to the early 2000s. It discusses the contributions, accomplishments and advocacy of Black women throughout America’s hostile and oppressive history. Black women were/are very active in civil rights and labor movements. Black men are the face of the Civil Rights Movement and various Black organizations and the support, organizational efforts and legal actions taken by Black women have been overlooked by history.

The book is very divers. It cover Black women in different time periods with different points of view and various circumstances. This specific study of American history teaches a lot about American history overall. The book isn’t very long and you can probably get through it relatively quick. If you are interested in American history, women’s history or Black history I think you will find it valuable. I borrowed the book from the library but I’m considering buy a copy for my home library.