Be What You Claim to Admire

The internet is still buzzing about the comments that Ayesha Curry made about her preference to dress modestly.  I’m really confused as to why such a mundane comment sparked any kind of controversy.  I actually didn’t see much disagreement to Ayesha’s comments.  I saw a lot of support for her opinion.  Many of the internet pundits that are supportive of Mrs. Curry choice to dress modestly are men.

These men used the opportunity to applaud modesty and to make backhanded “hos” that don’t.  Tweet after tweet was a man that praised this woman for choosing to keep her body covered for everyone except her husband.  Then they made a remark to all the “thots” that they were unmarried because they were too free with their bodies.

First of all who are all these hos and thots that internet men are always complaining about.  I use social media every day and I don’t see many of these women.  When I do I delete them.  This is how I know these men are full of crap.  Undesirable images and comments can creep into your news feed but for the most part each social media user sees what they choose to see.  If your news feed is jammed packed with half naked hos and thots you are looking for them.  And you like them.

In regards to Ayesha’s devotion to her husband one fact escapes many men.  Ayesha Curry is a Christian woman that married a Christian man.  Anyone that knows Stephen Curry knows that he is an active believer in Jesus Christ.  A Christian woman that chooses to save her sexuality for marriage will be attracted to a fellow believer in Christ.

If you want a particular quality in a partner you need to develop that quality yourself.  If you want someone that is intellectual you need to develop your intellect.  If you want someone that is honest you need to stop lying.  If you want someone that keeps a tidy house you can’t be a slob yourself.  If you want someone that practices modesty and sexual purity you need to practice that yourself.  And regardless of what you’ve been taught women look for leadership from men.

If is completely unrealistic for a man to think that he can glue his eyes to porn, hang out in strip clubs and go to bed with every woman that will allow it but still be able to marry a woman of conservative morals.  She won’t want you and the two of you will have nothing in common.  If you have no morals but you want a partner with morals you are a hypocrite that forces their opinions and values on other people and no one finds that attractive.  There is an Aretha Franklin song that says “If you want a do right woman, you need to be a do right man.”  Truer words were never spoken.

Aretha Franklin Do Right Woman, Do Right Man

When Christians Act like Christians

Ayesha Curry, wife of NBA MVP Stephen Curry is trending on Twitter today.  She tweeted that she only likes to reveal her body to her husband.  I’m unsure why she made that statement because it seems obvious to me that any married woman would make a similar statement.  Most of the Tweets in reference to Curry are supportive even though a few are crass and take shots at women in general.

A few weeks ago former NFL quarterback was trending on Facebook because of a breakup that he had with his girlfriend.  According to the internet articles Tebow was dumped by the former beauty queen because he refused to have sex with her.  I read numerous social media comments that called him gay.  I don’t know whether Tebow is gay or not but I don’t think that refusing to fornicate with a woman that society has deemed attractive is proof of homosexuality.  I’m pretty sure that I know gay men that would have sex with an attractive woman if she offered herself on a platter.

Earlier this year Superbowl winning Seattle Seahawks quarterback began dating pop start Ciara.  Russell made a comment to the media that they were abstaining from sex and that it was his responsibility to lead Ciara to Christ.  Once again there were numerous social media comments calling Wilson a closet homosexual.  Social media pundits made fun of their relationship for maintaining Godly standards for themselves.  They had been dating for about three months at the time.

If you are familiar with Ayesha and Stephen Curry, Tim Tebow or Russell Wilson you know that they are all outspoken Christians.  If you are familiar with the Bible at all you know that fornication is a sin and women are called upon to be more than sex objects for the general male population.  I am unsure if people are unfamiliar with the Bible or if they are familiar with it but they are jealous or just disdainful of people that try to put God’s word into practice.

Either way I think that it is very sad that men that choose to not use and abuse women are thought to be closet homosexuals and women that are not competing in the slut show are thought to be anti feminist prudes.  That’t American culture in 2015.  You are free to be or do anything you want with criticism except be a Christian that tries to put God’s teachings into practice.  People love to accuse Christians of being hypocrites but the get angry when a Christian tries to act like a Christian.

Proverbs 31:10

A wife of noble character who can find?  She is worth far more than rubies.