Why do Children Bully?

Bullying has been a hot topic for the last few years and this week the bullying hype has reached a fever pitch due to the #Keaton hashtag on Twitter.  People love to reflect on why children are so cruel to each other.  To me it is painfully obvious why children mistreat each other to the point that a student may commit suicide because of taunting at school.  Children mistreat each other because they are growing up in a mean, disrespectful society that does not value others.

I’ve been noticing for years that people love to strong arm one another in modern day America.  There is no respect for a difference of opinion and when people do not do what we want we try to force our will on them.  I noticed that in various customer service positions I’ve held.

If a store clerk says “Sorry you can’t bring this back you’ve owned it longer than what our return policy allows” or “Sorry this coupon is expired” or “Sorry you can’t substitute the sides and still get this at the same price” people become mean as hell.  They use language to demean the clerk and demand to speak with a manager.  If management doesn’t do what they want they call the corporate office and rudely make demands and if they don’t get their way they threaten to slander the company on the internet.  They’re bullies that don’t respect the boundaries of others and want to force their will.

The “Real Housewives”, “Basketball Wives” and “Love and Hip Hop” are popular reality show franchises that give us a glimpse into the private lives of the wealthy and privileged.  These tales involve adults, some of whom are grandmothers, that treat each other terribly and sometimes they are even violent to one another.  The characters on these shows are sensitive and have hair trigger tempers.  Their interactions often lead to mean words being thrown back and forth, wine being thrown in someone’s face and/or punches being thrown.  There is no doubt in my mind that a lot of these shows are family viewing in many American households.

Social media is another place where mean, rude, crass behavior has become normal.  People call strangers names and demean each other for their opinions.  The behavior gets even worse when people start talking about and to celebrities.  Geez, people love to build celebrities up and then drag them through the mud or “cancel” them.

To top it off look at who Americans chose to be their leader in 2016.  A man was democratically elected because Americans want a president that speaks his mind and isn’t politically correct.  In other words America wanted crass and brazen behavior in the White House.  He does what he wants and doesn’t consider others.  He grabs bitches by the pussy!  In other words Americans wanted a bully as a president.  The last president we had was considerate, polite, professional and tried to help people.  What a punk!

So the next time anyone ponders why children bully each other just look at what is surrounding them as they grow up.  They are surrounded by bullying in real life, in the media, in entertainment and in the White House.

Bullying and treating others with disdain is normal for children because of the behavior the see modeled before them.  So don’t blame children for the bullying.  It’s not their fault that they are growing up in this modern day trashy American culture.


When Christians Act Like Christians Part II

Sigh.  Gospel singer Kim Burrell has been trending on Facebook for two days.  She was giving a sermon in a church and said something about a perverted homosexual spirit.  Someone recorded it and the video circulated around social media.  A lot of people became enraged and called her comments hate speech.  Celebrities, including gospel singers have condemned Ms. Burrell and turned their backs on her.  She has maintained her stance and is refusing to apologize.

Ms. Burrell is on the soundtrack of the new movie “Hidden Colors” and she was going to perform on the daytime talk show “Ellen” soon.  Her appearance on the show has been cancelled probably due to Ellen DeGeneres being a lesbian and all.  The timing of all of this is quite peculiar.  I’m unsure if this is sabotage or a brilliant marketing ploy thought of by Ms. Burrell’s managers.

Here’s the long and short of it.  The Bible does not condone homosexuality.  It just doesn’t.  No where.  Like at all.  The Biblical model for marriage involves one man and at least one woman.  Period.  Kim Burrell is a preacher and is called to preach from the Bible.  Not “The Wall Street Journal” or “Teen Vogue” or “Cosmopolitan”.  There’s really no way around that.  So I really don’t know what all the fuss is about.  Have we not all heard this before?  And if you don’t believe in God, or the Bible or have any respect for church why do you care what some gospel singer thinks?  Why you mad?

It’s not fair to ask someone to compromise who they are to suit you.  Gays shouldn’t have to do it but neither should Christians.  There is room for all of us to live our dreams in this world.  Everything comes down to respect.

I really thought that once gay marriage was legalized that would put some of the disagreements to rest.  I thought that marriage rights were the goal and that was what the gay community wanted.  Evidently I was wrong.  Homosexuality has been normalized in pop culture.  There are many gay celebrities and gay characters on TV.  None of this seems to have done much to make the gay community happy.

FYI I am a Christian that has always been in favor of civil unions or gay marriage.  As a civil matter I see absolutely no reason to be against same sex marriage.  I don’t want any group in America to feel like they are being discriminated against or being denied their pursuit to happiness.  I am not a person that likes to see anyone stand on a high horse and pass judgment on others.  But that is a two way street.  I have always believed in live and let live.  That is a two way street as well.

I have read or watched remarks on social media that blame Christianity and specifically Ms. Burrell for gay people committing suicide.  I do not understand what it is like to be gay or suicidal.  I am not a therapist.  But if you are depressed and need help please seek it out.  It seems like a real disservice to blame someone else for your depression or mental health problem.  Learn to love and value yourself.

Furthermore, the remarks made about Kim Burrell are just plain mean, misogynistic and racist.  There have been dozens, probably hundreds of remarks made about her weight on social media.  There have been remarks saying that she looks like a man.  I even read a remark saying that Black women are disgusting.  This is lynch mob bullying folks.  All of this negativity is not really standing for anything but hatefulness.  But I thought these folks were fighting for love.

In sixteen days the U.S. will inaugurate our new president who chose Mike Pence to be our Vice President.  While Mr. Pence was Governor of Indiana he opposed laws that made it illegal to discriminate against gays.  He also diverted funs away from programs to combat AIDS.  Pence also supports gay conversion therapy.  Mr. Pence is the type of Christian that makes Christianity embarrassing but no one is giving Gov. Pence the treatment that Kim Burrell is getting.

The fact is that Kim is an easy target.  She is a gospel singer that has no real power or a great deal of influence.  Mike Pence is a White man that influences policy and will soon probably be running our country.  Cowards don’t have the nerve to challenge him.  So they make fun of the chubby Black woman instead.  It’s sad and shameful and I may go buy a Kim Burrell CD soon.

It takes all kinds to make the world turn.  That includes the Christians and the Gays.  Both groups need to learn that no one has the moral high ground and everyone’s beliefs should be respected.  Live and let live.