Popeyes Hottie Sauce: A Review

I tried Popeyes Hottie Sauce recently. It was good and I recommend you give it a try. I had the sauce on Popeyes chicken strips which were delicious. The Popeyes strips are some of the best strips I’ve ever had. The best way to describe Hottie Sauce is McDonald’s sweet and sour sour with hot sauce added. The sauce has a nice bite to it.

The marketing department of Popeyes are brilliant. They turned their mediocre at best sandwiches into a sensation pre pandemic. Now they have hip hop star Meg the Stallion as the pitch woman for their new sauce. If you’re not aware, Meg calls her fans Hotties, thus the name Hottie Sauce. Anyway, if you enjoy fast food give Popeyes chicken strips with the Hottie Sauce a try. I think you will enjoy them.