Summer 2016 Fashion Finds

I’m a wannabe fashion blogger.  Well I guess now I am a fashion blogger.  Here are a few of my summer 2016 favorites. top left:  bracelet with Hamsa design, Aldo $20 bottom left:  white sandals with metallic heel, Aldo $45 (sale price) right:  #40 Berry Boost Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid  lip color , probably aroundContinue reading “Summer 2016 Fashion Finds”

I Love Shoes

  I really love shoes.  I’ve had this fascination with them since childhood.  Earlier this fall I decided that I wanted to get rid of all of my shoes and get new ones.  I can’t afford to buy all new shoes so I just god rid of some of them and gave them to theContinue reading “I Love Shoes”