The Missouri Pimp Squad

As a resident of the state of Missouri I feel completely degraded by the actions of my state government over the last two weeks. The Supreme Court of the United States decided last week that states should decide on abortion laws. Roe vs. Wade was overturned in a 6-3 vote.

The state where I reside had a so called trigger law on the books which made abortion illegal almost immediately after the Highest Court made it’s decision. Missouri was the first state in the country to ban abortions and the puppet politicians were quite proud of it.

I think having to choose to have an abortion is very unfortunate. Personally, I lean towards the Pro Life position but that is a decision a woman needs to make based on her life circumstances and in private. Regardless of why a woman may consider an abortion it needs to be her choice because it’s her life and she’s the one that will have a child to care for. It’s not a matter for public debate.

The new abortion laws were not well written and created confusion in the medical community. Missouri hospitals were unsure about the legality of emergency contraception. Missouri state politicians made statements about medical care and what can be administered by hospital staff. As a woman in Missouri it is humiliating to have such a personal matter that involves me discussed and decided by men who I don’t even favor politically let alone sexually.

I pay taxes to the state of Missouri yet they feel that they have the right to regulate my body and medical procedures. The Missouri Legislature is a pimp squad. They take hard earned money from women and tell them what to do with their bodies. There is a penalty for non compliance. It’s hard to escape their authority. That sounds like a pimp to me. My personal opinions on abortion are irrelevant. I’m a woman and my thoughts and life circumstances are irrelevant. Choices have been made for me by men I didn’t even vote for like or respect.

This is what pimps look like in Missouri.