Men Need to Stand for Integrity

Why are so many children in America’s cities dying? I’m specifically talking about children in the inner city that are killed by gunfire. Children are being shot at baby showers, in their living rooms while watching TV, at church cookouts, in the back seats of cars and in their sleep at home in bed. It’sContinue reading “Men Need to Stand for Integrity”

Curtis Granderson: the Great Unifier

Absolutely anything can turn into an argument on social media.  The most innocuous comment can draw a sharp tongued response from a fellow social media user with a chip on their shoulder.  We can’t agree on anything these days.  America is sharply divided by ideology: Democrat, Republican, faithful, Atheist, does pineapple belong on pizza or not,Continue reading “Curtis Granderson: the Great Unifier”

The Price of Peace – Shannon in Kansas City

For the world to have peace what would the sacrifice be? Would we need to humble ourselves and show some humility? Or should we stop being lead by greed and do more to help those in need? Should we take a moment to understand a stranger’s point of view? Or maybe open our hearts toContinue reading “The Price of Peace – Shannon in Kansas City”