Product Review: Pro Dip Super Nail

I tried the Pro Dip Super Nail kit last night. I bought it from Sally Beauty Supply from $34.49. Overall I don’t care for this product. Pro Dip Super Nail is an at home nail dip kit that doesn’t require a UV light.

The kit comes with pink nail dip, activator/base coat, brush cleaner, a file, orange sticks and dip remover pads. The activator is super glue. You polish your nails with super glue and then dip them in the powder dip. Then you polish over them again with the activator. It’s that simple.

I was disappointed in this product because I didn’t realize I was using super glue until I recognized the smell as I was applying it. I wanted trying to give myself an ombre manicure. I wasn’t successful but that’s not really the kit’s fault. The white dip that I bought separately turned out to be clear. It actually said clear but it looked white in the container. When I polished over the dip became invisible. This failure was my fault.

The kit is messy and it’s difficult to fix the mistake. The powder dip has to be soaked off like a salon dip manicure. Since the base is super glue you need to be very careful when painting your nails with it. If your base coat/super glue gets on your cuticles and beyond the dip will stick to it.

This kit could be useful if you are very careful. The color will stay in place and not chip. It can be great for ladies who work with their hands but want their nails to look nice. Or if you’re traveling and want manicured nails but don’t want to concern with upkeep the kit can be handy. I’ll use kit again until I run out of it’s materials but I wouldn’t buy it again. I have some practice now and I know the limitations of my supplies so I can produce a better manicure next time.

Overall, I would recommend skipping this product. You are better off with a bottle of nail polish.

Fashion Favorites for Summer 2016

I got good response to my fashion posting from yesterday so here is another.  These are a few on my summer favorites.  These are items that I bought in past years and they are still great for summer.



left to right

Chinese Laundry black strappy sandals

These were an impulse buy that I found at Macy’s in Independence, MO.  I like these a lot and I have gotten a lot of use out of them.  They are kind of difficult to wear because of the way the straps are situated but I got use to them.  I don’t recall the price because I’ve had these for a few years but I’m sure it was pretty moderate.  I’m thinking they were around $40.


Bulova watch:

I love the white watch trend that’s been going on for a few seasons.  The face is quite large which is also on trend and I love the gold.  I think the watch retails for around $200 but I bought it from a store I was working for so I got a great discount.  I love the gold details.  It was available at Helzberg but I don’t know if it is still available.  It was purchased last year.

Orly nail polish:

I think neutral cosmetic shades are great for summer.  I don’t really like neutral lipsticks because I have a dark complexion and it just gets lost but I can use a neutral nail polish.  This one is called Prince Charming #20715.  I bought it at Sally Beauty Supply in Kansas City, MO.  It was on sale for around $5.

Liz Claiborne sandals:

I like these sandals because they are styled like Tory Burch sandals.  I can not afford Tory Burch sandals and even if I could I don’t know that the asking price for her sandals are worth it to me.  I bought these at JCPenney last summer.  I had a coupon for them so I only paid about $12-$15 for them.