Men Need to Stand for Integrity

Why are so many children in America’s cities dying? I’m specifically talking about children in the inner city that are killed by gunfire. Children are being shot at baby showers, in their living rooms while watching TV, at church cookouts, in the back seats of cars and in their sleep at home in bed. It’s because they are surrounded by men that lack integrity and don’t value Black children and families.

I’ve seen numerous online arguments where men’s common response to criticism is that women do it too. Not in this case. Inner city killings are almost always committed by men. So boys and men in America’s big cities are the focus of this post.

Over the last ten years it has become common for children including toddlers and infants to be killed by gunfire. What’s going on? Why is this happening? Concern for others would dictate that you don’t shoot into a house not knowing who is inside. A reasonable person would understand that that kind of carelessness will lead to harm. And it just seems like a waste of time, effort and ammo to fire a gun in order to settle a score and not be certain that the person you want to shoot is in the cross hairs. It’s as if there are men that simply want to incite terror.

in·teg·ri·ty/inˈteɡrədē/ Learn to pronounce nounnoun: integrity

  1. 1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness

A generation of boys has been raised to be primarily concerned for themselves and to only care about their own survival. They are taught that they are valuable by people that have low expectations for them. These boys are pandered to and treated as if they are pets. Meanwhile they aren’t taught proper boundaries.

It’s a recipe for disaster and we are seeing it play out on the evening news almost daily. There is also a lack of respect for Black womanhood. Any culture or organization that does not respect women and value healthy relationships with women is going to have problems and abuse.

I believe that there are predatory gangs that dominate the streets of America. They take advantage of young men and make them subservient. They demand loyalty as if they are a cult. Predatory gangs strip children from broken homes of their humanity and moral compass in order to use them as tools for chaos. The chaos is a screen for their inadequacies.

Without boundaries, integrity, responsibility or care for others we have communities where babies are becoming collateral damage of street battles between men. Black American children are dying in strollers and car seats before they have the opportunity to start kindergarten. It’s tragic and things are progressively getting worse.

There are several factors to inner city gun violence but I believe in controlling what one can control. Citizens can not regulate gun availability and factors such as unemployment, underemployment and racism. But we need men to lead boys to become productive men and set boundaries of decency. Men need to teach their sons, young cousins and nephews integrity. They also need to recognize it if they don’t have it themselves and develop a stronger character.

Conflicts, armed or otherwise need to stay between men and the conflicts should be dealt with in an honorable fashion. By honorable I mean deal with disagreements and offenses face to face. Men need to try talking or even fist fighting. I’m not unrealistic and I understand that violence occurs from time to time.

There is no reason to involve innocent people particularly children in their rivalries. The behavior that we are seeing on the evening news is that of cold blooded sociopaths. Men in the community need to take a stand against it or it will continue and all efforts to improve the Black community will be futile.

Men that live in the big cities of America need to stand for integrity and set proper boundaries within their own neighborhoods. Cowardly behavior like drive by shootings and groups of men jumping one men need to end. Blaming women for everything needs to stop. If men want to be respected as leaders the buck needs to stop with them and they need to hold themselves accountable for the death and destruction in inner city neighborhoods across America.

That’s where true change will start. Men need to stop the senseless violence that robs children of their chance at life and makes communities unlivable. Men need to take a stand for their families and communities. No one else can do that for them.

A Dangerous Precedent Has Been Set in America

I’ve read two very disturbing stories this week and both ended with Black men being killed.  In both stories White people were made to feel uncomfortable and they thought that their discomfort was enough of a reason to confront and kill a man.  This precedent has been set by American law enforcement.

We’ve all heard dozens of stories by now where a law enforcement officer opened fire on a citizen and killed them.  The officer’s excuse is often I feared for my life.  They rarely say that they were assaulted in any way.  They claim that they were simply afraid and that was enough of a defense.  Most of these officers avoid jail time and some of them continue careers in law enforcement.

The notion that being fearful is enough of a reason to kill a person has spread to the masses.  Over the Fourth of July weekend in Aurora, CO a White man killed a Black man because of an argument that started when the Black man’s children were outside popping fireworks.  The noise from the fireworks startled the White man’s dog.  He and his fiance confronted the children and their mother and assaulted the mother.  The Black man came out of his apartment and was shot in the chest by the White man.

The couple with the dog brought guns outside to confront a woman and her young children about the noise they were making with fireworks.  They were ready to react with violence because of children celebrating a holiday with noise makers.  They were prepared to harm and kill and they did;  because their dog was afraid.

Man shot to death in dispute with armed couple angry about fireworks on July 4

In Peoria, AZ a 17 year old young Black or perhaps mixed race man stopped into a Circle K gas station last Thursday after work.  He was followed into the gas station that by a 27 year old White man that was made uncomfortable by the rap music he played in his car.  While the 17 year old was at the pop machine the 27 year old came behind him and slit his throat and stabbed him in the back.  The young man stumbled out of the gas station and died in the parking lot.

elijah el amin

The older man claimed that he had been harmed by people that listened to rap music in the past.  He felt the need to be proactive and offensive; because he claimed to be afraid and in fear for his life.  He felt justified because of his fear.

I supposed this is nothing new.  American racism has always been fueled by White fear and White Americans have always used that fear to justify violence against Blacks and others.  But “I feared for my life” has become a platitude over the last decade.  We expect to hear it every time there is a new story of police misconduct or violence.

And this country arrogantly accepts this excuse because White lives matter and Black lives don’t.  I lay the blame for the popularization of this phrase and thought pattern at the feet of American police officers.  I also blame feminism to an extent as well since they can’t tell the difference between social awkwardness that is caused by innocent flirtation and actual sexual harassment and assault.  Most Americans need to grow up.  Adult hood can be scary and uncomfortable.

It’s mind boggling to think that anyone can be so arrogant and have such a sense of superiority to think that their comfort and sense of security is more important than someone else’s physical well being or life.  What kind of mental gymnastics did these people go through in order to see themselves as a victims and valiant protectors as opposed to aggressive, blood thirsty thugs?

I will never understand them but White America needs to be shaken out of it’s self righteousness, perpetual victim hood and violent reactions.  Aggressive behavior masked as fear is a farce.  White America is use to being pandered to and having it’s feeling coddled.  As an American that loves her country I’m here to say –ck your –cking feelings!



We Call Them Street Gangs but They are Really Demonic Cults

Another child has been killed in America’s gang wars.  His name is Tyshawn Lee and he was nine years old.  Men lured him into an alley way and murdered him because the little boy was thought to be a snitch of sorts.  His father is said to have gang ties and he is not cooperating with the police.  Three men have been arrested for the crime.

Since my childhood there has been a lot of talk about what to do about street violence.  I’m not sure what can be done.  Tyshawn was not killed because someone needed money, or food, or shelter.  He was killed because he was a threat to a gang.  The men that murdered him placed their love and loyalty of their gang ties above all else.  The gang was more important than the innocence of a child or human decency.  The gang is their idol.  The gang bangers have sold their souls to the devil.

There is no community leadership, social program or jobs program that can help men like these.  Even if jobs were plentiful in their community these men probably wouldn’t take interest.  They are far too consumed with “Thug Life” to pursue anything decent.  I could understand, stealing, drug dealing or prostitution if you are desperate for money.  But I can not comprehend how anyone’s heart can grow so cold that they could kill a child.

Over the last year the evening news in Kansas City has been filled with stories of elementary aged children who have died in drive by shootings.  Most of there murders remain unsolved.  Allegiance to the streets keeps evil secrets and families continue to mourn with no justice.

We need to be honest with what we are dealing with.  Inner city street gangs are not merely troubled youth or jobless young men.  If that was the only problem they would just vandalize property or fight and kill other men.  But these men kill children and go on living for the next kill.  Their hearts and souls are possessed by Satan.  Their hearts need to be set free by Jesus Christ.  There is no other way.  There will be no peace without more men in America’s inner cities repenting of their sins and asking Christ to restore their hearts.  It takes prayer and reading the Word.  I hope more do that before they go to prison, kill or are killed themselves.