Spring 2023 Film Review: Antebellum

I watched the 2020 film “Antebellum” last night. It was a good film and I recommend it. There were some scenes that I thought had gratuitous violence but there was a pay off at the end.


I’m going to spoil the film a bit but I’ll try and save as much of the plot as I can if you are interested in “Antebellum” and haven’t seen it yet. “Antebellum” takes place in modern times. A successful, affluent, sophisticated Black woman gets kidnapped by an overzealous Civil War reenactor. She and other kidnapped Black people are forced to live on a plantation by a group of reenactors.

The movie stars Janelle Monet and Jena Malone and a few actors with familiar faces. Gabourey Sidibe played a supporting role. All the actors did a great job especially the gorgeous Janelle Monet who has established a solid career. Jena Malone has been an actress since childhood and put a very good performance.

It’s hard to describe a film like “Antebellum” as good because it is disturbing and there are some upsetting scenes in the movie. But it is thought and conversation provoking. It’s worth your time to check it out.

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