Modern Dating Scam: No Liability

American culture likes to assume the moral high ground, assign liability to others and is completely delusional. This has resulted in no liability dating. It’s a scam and women tend to be the victims. The phrase “she should have chose better” is common in social media spaces. This phrase is used to absolve men of any poor behavior during a dating or domestic relationship with a woman.

You can hear this flippant and callous phrase on line in the comment section of news stories that concern domestic violence and even women that are murdered by their dates or partners. In other words men are telling women that they should proceed with caution and interact with them at their own risk because they hold no liability. I believe that any time there is a conflict or misunderstanding all parties involved need to consider what they could have done differently. That doesn’t happen in modern dating, at least not on social media. The liability is all on the women.

Violence and murder are the extreme but the imagined No Liability clause extends to disrespect, dishonor and confusion. Many men in these times take no accountability for their actions that result in hurt feelings, disappointment or worse. It’s as if women assume all risk in relationships even if the man was not forthcoming and honest in his intentions or his feelings during the relationship.

They seek out people that will be receptive to the scam and then they say No Liability. It’s their way of maintaining the delusion that they are good, decent people worthy of respect. It’s their way to shift responsibility and hold someone else responsible for their actions. This is an example of male privilege because this sentiment is echoed so often on social media with little push back. Women even support this thinking.

I appreciate businesses that have liability clauses. It lets you know where you both stand. It also gives you the opportunity to weigh the risks. If a liability clause is necessary the risk may make the venture not worth the pursuit. I’m not interested in extreme sports where the risk is the selling point of the activity. I also think the odds are in the riders favor when it comes to things like roller coaster rides or skating rinks. But hostile attitudes towards women in America have become very common. Misogyny is part of the current American culture.

I was watching a news story on You Tube today about the arrest of three young men that are charged with first degree murder with extreme indifference. The men were throwing rocks in different locations in their metro area. One of the rocks hit a young woman’s vehicle and she died as a result.

The three young men felt like throwing rocks for fun and amusement. We don’t know if they wanted to kill anyone or not but they showed extreme indifference to the safety and well being of others. This is the way many men date in this age. The majority are interested in their gain and use a woman’s lack of awareness, naivety, innocence, foolishness, insecurity or social pressure to their advantage. They have extreme indifference to any negative consequences to her that may come from their relationship.

I’m pro patriarchy so I support male leader ship. I believe that leaders assume responsibility. Leaders provide structure and and guidance. Leaders should have a good character, integrity and high moral standards. This is what men are supposed to do in relationships. Instead men are given space to mistreat and take advantage of women and women are told it’s their fault in the aftermath. That’s not patriarch, that’s a misogynistic and destructive culture. Up front and honest communication and respect is the key.

I do believe that women need to be smart and take responsibility for themselves. Women need to value and honor themselves. Women need to protect themselves physically, emotionally and financially as a priority. Women need to decide if a man is worth the risk. Remember. You’re going to be seen as the liable, responsible party if there is a bad outcome. It’s a man’s world and their honor is protected more than yours. Choose better!

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